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Experience across the spectrum of plan offerings, we’re focused on participant outcomes.


Understanding makes the difference.

The needs of both employer and employees are unique, yet similar. We work carefully with both to ensure every detail is in full compliance, every opportunity is fully explained and vetted, and all in the program receive personal and careful attention and guidance. As a proud, independent team, our only allegiance is to those we serve, and our success and retention speak for itself.


  • One-on-one meetings provide a more customized and personal experience
  • Education team provides information and tools to help make informed investment decisions
  • Patented color-coded Spectrum Investor® Communication Process simplifies your investment experience


Our commitment to quality begins with understanding the objectives of our clients and the belief that it's our duty to place their interests ahead of our own. Independent investment research and plan benchmarking, appropriate plan design, and fiduciary support are key elements in the process.


Employees who are stressed about finances often bring their worries to work, this can impact company culture and interfere with focus and productivity. Help them take control of their financial future with GuideSteps, an exclusive financial wellness program that provides a guided approach to help employees identify, prioritize, and take steps to improve their financial picture.


We believe that all retirement plan advisory services should fall under the fiduciary standard of care of putting the client's interests first. Investment decision making and client recommendations are guided by our role in serving as a fiduciary to protect your firm.

"Do not save what is left after spending; instead spend what is left after saving."

-Warren Buffett

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